Gale Alexander’s Alpha Virtual Support Administrative Services has been key to the success and growth of our businesses, Schachter Consulting LLC and CSuite Accelerator Inc. for nine years now. They help us with business development, client relationship tracking and management, calendar management, document prep and production, as well as assistance with our online platform.

Ephraim SchachterPresident, Schachter Consulting LLC ,Founder, & CEO, CSuite Accelerator Inc.

Gale has been an integral part of our team for over ten years and has been beside us every step of the way as we quadrupled our business.  She brings tremendous precision, insights and attention to detail to her work and has the ability to hold the micro and macro view simultaneously.

Katherine HandinCEO, Global Coaching Firm

In taking over the administrative and operations tasks I don’t enjoy, this made room for me to do what I love: more executive coaching. In our second year working together my business doubled. In our third year working together it’s on track to double again. Working with Gale really does contribute to business growth.

Deb DenisPresident, Deb Denis Group

What makes Gale unique is her ability to seamlessly navigate client firms and create positive relationships at every level. She is outstanding at managing all aspects of scheduling, calendar management, coaching engagement tracking, client communications and other important areas. Gale has been the critical factor in enabling 100% revenue growth in our firms’ revenue over the last 24 months. I recommend Gale and Alpha Administrative Services.

Foster F. “Phil” FountainCEO, Fountain Leadership Coaching Group

At Chernekoff  Communications LLC, we are most grateful and appreciative for the first-rate assistance provided by Gale and her associates at Alpha Virtual Administrative Services. Gale’s keen attention to detail, and rigor in maintaining the utmost professionalism with our valued executive clients, have allowed our firm to grow exponentially over the last 15 years.

The exceptional administrative services that she provides have saved most of our time for strategy planning and development, and to focus on our most precious asset, our clients. I highly recommend Gale Alexander and her team.

Jill ChernekoffPresident, Chernekoff Communications, LLC

The best business decision I ever made was to hire Alpha Virtual Administrative Services. Every day I rely on Gale and her highly professional team to keep my office running smoothly. Doing so allows me to focus on what matters most-delivering a high quality of clinical care and expanding my practice.  

AVAS offers a breadth of services few companies can match, and they do so with proficiency and integrity. I am extremely confident having them represent me to patients and other professionals. They provide the flexibility small business owners need, and find no job too big or too small.

Adam Price, PhDClinical Psychologist, Best Selling Author

You may think of a virtual administration service as being focused just on the day-to-day operational support required to run a business.  Gale Alexander certainly provides that – attention to detail, highly professional communications with clients, budget management support, calendar management and those all-important “nudges” to ensure we stay on track and attend to priorities, among other administrative needs.

But she does even more as she takes an ownership in her contribution to our business, contributing to strategic planning and the bigger picture around execution, and sometimes asking that key question that turns the conversation towards new thinking.  The value she adds cannot be measured!  I highly recommend her services.

Jim LemingManaging Partner, Global Coaching Firm

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Michael CarrollFormer Vice-President of The Walt Disney Company & Author of 'Awake at Work' and 'The Mindful Leader'